No Child Should Grow Up Hungry: Briefing Book 2016 Childhood Hunger in America

Jan 7, 2016

This is an extraordinary time. For the first time in history we've had 45 million Americans living below the poverty line for four years in a row. We've crossed a threshold where a majority - 51% - of public school students, now live in low-income families. One in 5 of American children struggle with hunger.

This briefing is a look at childhood hunger in America through the lens of the 2016 elections. It includes:

  • Why hunger should be part of the 2016 conversation
  • Hunger is an Education Issue
  • Hunger is a Health Issue
  • Hunger is an Economic Issue
  • Hunger is a Constituent Issue
  • General childhood hunger facts
  • State-by-state childhood hunger data
  • Methodology and Research
  • About No Kid Hungry
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